TSA 200

  • Airless manual spraying device with trolley
    Hose and spray guns
  • For thin liquid release agents
  • Movable and usable everywhere
  • Stainless steel pressurised container
  • 19.5 litres

The TSA 200 is the ideal release agent spraying system for bakeries and confectioners. 

The portable, rollable device is very efficient to use. The optimised spray gun can be adjusted to your current needs in just a few seconds, without additional tools. 

The spray jet alignment (horizontal/vertical), sieve cleaning and changing seals can therefore be taken care of easily on site. The adjustable nozzle enables largely mist-free working. 

The system is fitted with a 19.5 L pressurised container. Release agent residues are avoided. You work cleanly and efficiently right down to the last drop.

A safety valve protects the container against impermissible overpressure


Max. operating pressure 6 bar, oil-free
Operating pressure 6 bar
Container volume 19.5 L
Filling volume 15 L
Viscosity capacity ≤ 200mPas
Width 400 mm
Height 850 mm
Depth 400 mm
Weight approx. 10 kg


Datasheet - TSA 200
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